Wedding reception
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Wedding reception

Individual perfection of your wedding reception

Inspired Weddings

We all count every step of love live – from the first date, the marriage proposal, the wedding and every returning anniversary.

PIAzza Event Agency offers for all these festivities, you are experiencing as a couple, the right ambience, a fascinating setting and for the respective location typical atmosphere. For your special event, i.e. your engagement, wedding or anniversaries, PIAzza Event Agency creates the ideal atmosphere at an exotic destination in the midst of rich culture and breathtaking beauty of nature.
A stay that will be unique and unforgettable to you.
PIAzza Event Agency takes over your event planning with pleasure from the first idea to the invitations up to the final- “cheers” on your new life as a married couple.

Inspiring anticipation

Exquisite photos are a wonderful recollection in which the nicest moments are captured. Not only from the wedding but also from the days before the special day! You simply choose your preferred location and we will arrange for all, including the photographer and makeup- artist.

Inspiration: Weddings

Collect the precious moments of your special day and the romantic time.
PIAzza Agency plans your wedding celebration quite individually. We consider all your special wishes, your personality and of course the size of your wedding party.
Our special romantic arrangement leaves open no wishes for romantic dreams.

For everlasting love

Renew your wedding vows again. Rediscover your love to each other and let your feelings and romanticism revive.
Our team at PIAzza Agency will host a perfect ceremony for you in which you can feel your wedding once again. Say once again “Yes” on a white sandy beach at sunset or in a beautiful tropical garden.